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9 Steps to Train Your Pet to Use the Pet Door

Ifetch Too

When the pet is at a very young age, you would not want them to step out, given the plentiful dangers. This won’t be for long as we all know how rapidly they grow, and a time comes when you have to broaden their play horizons from just playing with the Ifetch Too to letting them come and go out of the house using the pet doors.

Here is nine proven and helpful way to use to train your pet to use the dog door in glass effortlessly.

Step 1: Ensure That The Yard Is Safe

Be aware of all potential dangers in your neighbourhood and your yard that may you’re your pet. It could be potential weak spots that could help them escape wild animals, poisonous plants, chemicals, or more.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Pet Door

A right pet door is the first step towards encouraging the pet to use it without any hesitation or discomfort. The larger flaps could be a bad choice for small pets at they would barely be able to push them.

Step 3: Place Their Favourite Toys Around The Door

They would want to fetch their favourite toy devoid of every hurdle on the way, even that pet door. When you place these toys around the pet door, they will find it easy to make use of the door as it has their favourite toy sent around it.

Ifetch Too

Step 4: Gently Push Or Carry Them Through The Door

If they just can’t, you do it. You either can be their motivator or their godparent to lift them and show them how to go through that door. Either way, they would evenly find the using the door safely.

Step 5: Never Force Your Pet Through The Door

Never ever! Pushing them through the door would not leave a positive impact on them to use the door. Instead, it can traumatise them to never use the door either due to fear or sheer unwillingness.

Step 6: Exercise It By Temporarily Removing The Flap Of The Door.

It would end the hesitation to use the door due to the flap. Once they are good with using the pet door, you move to the next step.

Step 7: Exercise It With The Flap On

Repeat step 4, but this time, with the flap on to normalise the flap coming down over his back slowly. This way puppy would gradually get used to the feel and sound of the flap.

Step 8: Let Him Use The Doggy Door Only

Now is the perfect time to make the puppy use the pet door more often. For which you have to stop them from using your regular door.

Step 9: Do not forget to Reward Your Pet with A Treat!

Favourite treats are the best part of the process; it would give them a sense of achievement of being able to use the dog door in glass and a motive to participate in the process willingly. Praise them and reward them with their favourite treat.


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